Petrobras wins international award for innovative technologies on the Libra bloc (Bloco de Libra), on the pre-salt layer

Via - Sep. 3, 2019

Petrobras is receiving one of the most important awards in the petroleum and gas industry, given by the Brazilian chapter of the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC Brazil), for the series of innovations developed during the Libra Long Term Testing (TLD), at the Bacia de Santos' pre-salt layer.

According to the OTC Brazil, the award is a recognition for the Libra TLD's innovative approach, which allowed simultaneously the pressure monitoring, through remote dispositives, the production of petroleum and the gas injection. "The Libra TLD has taken the concept of dynamic evaluation to a new dimension", highlights the organization in a note.

The re-injection of gas during TLD is one of the five new technologies used to enable the production of petroleum and gas in Libra. These innovations were crucial for the company to have reached, on this bloc, the montly record for average production in a single offshore oil well, which reached 58 thousand barrels of oil equivalent (boe) per day.

For Petrobras' director of Exploration and Production, Carlos Alberto Pereira de Oliveira, the project in Libra leaves a technological legacy for the offshore industry. "With the development of innovative solutions, not only we were able to reduce operational costs, but also accelerate the implementation rhythm of the Long Term Testing, which was essential to obtain information about the reserves and production. There are no doubts that, just like other pre-salt projects, Libra gathers high capacity of value generation and transforming potential for the industry", says Carlos Alberto.

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