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The Brazil-Texas Chamber of Commerce Member Satisfaction

Dear Member,

The Brazil-Texas Chamber of Commerce is always looking at ways to increase your benefit as a member of the Chamber.
We would appreciate you assisting us in this task by taking a few moments to complete this short survey.
Please answer your questions candidly and feel free to include additional comments. We value your feedback.
This field is not required if you would prefer to send an anonymous survey.
Overall, how satisfied are you with the Brazil-Texas Chamber of Commerce? *
Would you be interested in offer a special deal/discount on your products or services for other BRATECC members? *
If yes, would you be interested in posting this on the BRATECC website at a special tab "Member to Member Deals" ?
How often do you read our e-mails, newsletter, visit our website and social media? *
How likely are you to renew your membership? *

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